At Fruitland Road Church we believe the Bible is clear that God has richly blessed and given to the entire world, especially those who faithfully follow him. We don’t believe that faithfulness to God automatically means material wealth and physical wellness. However, we do believe that all Christ followers are commanded to be faithful in giving back to God a portion of what he has provided to us. The exact amount is a part of your personal and individual worship with God. In an effort to make it easy for you to worship God through financial giving we offer two separate, easy ways to give:

Live Generously

1. Feel free to drop a check or cash in the bag that will be passed during the service. (Checks can be made out to “Fruitland Road Country Church.” Checks make it easy to help us keep track of your giving if you would like a year end giving receipt for IRS purposes)


2. Set up a direct bank transfer between your account and the Church’s. This is a completely secure transaction between your financial institution and ours and can only occur at your request. For your peace of mind – we have no ability to withdraw funds from your account, you hold all control. For more information on how to set up this link, please contact us at 417-759-7217 or e-mail