Our Ministries

We do our best to adapt to the needs of our church family and the local community. Because of this the full list of ministries taking place among our church family may change. Here is a list of our core ministries. We pray and hope that you will plug into this local church body in at least one of the following areas:


We believe discipleship is the process whereby those accepting salvation through Christ become students of Christ, learning His ways and His teachings until they are conformed into His image, becoming truly Christian.

-Suggested age-leveled Sunday morning Bible study classes

Missions both local and international


We believe stewardship is the process whereby Christian disciples learn to give in service to others, both in and outside the church, and to be financially responsible for benevolent needs and the work of the church.

Servant’s Council – those tasked with leadership of various ministries


We believe according to 1 Corinthians 12 the church is a body, a family that is to work together to accomplish its mission. Like any family, there is always some adjusting and renewing that must take place for the family to be effective. Some of this is done formally with called meetings, and some is informal, taking place through the interaction of members in casual situations.

-Church Membership/Joining the Family

-Men’s and Women’s Ministries

-Children’s Ministry

-Wednesday evening dinner

-Special events